My effort to become productive

Nowadays I think it is kinda hard to become productive especially during this pandemic. When my friends traveling around Europe, I don’t dare because it’s like putting your soul into the risk 😀 also I want to save my money to buy something bigger in the future. Sometimes I want to turn my Instagram off so I don’t feel insecure, anxious, or envy after all. But, it’s impossible for me at least for now. For now, I think to go around Malopolska and maybe Warsaw and surrounding is the best choice.

I think hard about my plan along a holiday. I bought 4-5 English books in May. I think so during this time I can read them all. Until now, what I do is I’ve almost finished 3 books which are the older book that I bought on that May. most of them I read with fast method, I mean I’m reading it during watching a youtube and so on. What I need to read thoroughly is an English grammar book that I bought 11 years ago and now it’s finished (I think) LOL. Being foreigner is not easy especially as Asians who live as a minority with hijab in strange surroundings. But it is not a problem as long as we keep a smile and of course, learn how to speak their language. I have a plan to write one blog post in Polish. I hope I can do it soon.

Now I realized that books have many advantages compared with videos on youtube. Even though its like old discovery but book brings you more focused and get information quickly and tend to be richer than videos. Now I’m planning to digest the book that I bought in May that I put on my desk.

I bought an iPad one year ago and I realized that I’m not too put it optimally. I tried to buy procreate and notability to record any lectures and meetings also drawing an art. Buying and playing a broad type of music with kalimba also challenging and makes me relaxed. Practicing designing and writing skills by making an online business (social media account) to sell phone cases, t-shirts, mugs with custom design also interesting for me. Producing a weekly (or maybe biweekly) videos on youtube is obligatory for me now because many comments appeared on my videos about bank transfers and I just cannot handle them all, therefore making a new video is the best solution.

The other thing is to try new cosmetics. Being beauty is also my dream. I mean, having a slim body and pretty face always will bring you easier in your pathway to life, I suggest. Maybe most of the comics or shows on videos that we are watching always tend to make the impression that a pretty woman means their more loved by all people. Eventhough it is not completely true, of course. I tried to watch any videos brought by beauty vloggers. My priority now is how to remove the imperfections on my skin and make the acne especially the blackhead one vanished. It is started with the cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and then sunscreen. After that, we can put the makeup thingy such as foundation, powder, concealer, and lipstick. I think for now doing make up is kind of wasting time and resources because no one will ever see you because of this pandemic. Even when you’re going on the bus you must wear a mask that covers almost half of your face :P.

Go to the gym is also a new thing for me. I never saw any gym tools before, except for the treadmill and the static cycle. Not seldom I looked like a confused girl that doesn’t know what the hell these tools and how to use them. Fortunately, all information is available online and offline. I watched videos about how to use gym tools for beginners, also being asked by someone who willing to help.

I always want to learn something new. Now I’m used to watching a British accent TV series daily for the intermediate-to-advanced level to strengthening my listening skills, also playing with cake apps every day and trying to translate Indonesian webtoon comics to English. I like a lot wired channel where a physicist tried to explain some topics, for example, gravity and lasers to many people from the kid, teen, bachelor student, doctoral student until the professor of physics. I learn that there are many approaches to understand just one special topic. Of course for doctoral student and above the discussion tend to be more philosophical.

The other thing I learned especially during this August is, you have to become a focus on your main tasks now, by maybe make less sleep (it’s hard tho) and be more productive. It should be also minimizing the activity which is not important for you (useful doesn’t mean is the best for you), at least for now. The most important is to become nearer to god, think husnudzon upon all things (bittersweet) that come to your life. I hope I can!

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